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Book Review: Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison

 I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
   This is the companion book that goes with the cookbook that I reviewed a couple weeks ago. The tagline of the book is “Keep it Simple. Keep it Sane.” And the book shares a great not much fuss eating plan. I had gotten the cookbook because I had seen my cousin pinning THM recipes and thought it would be interesting to go through and see what it was all about. About an hour after I had it I knew that I needed the plan book so I could figure out how to make these recipes work for weight loss. I went and got the book while visiting home, loved it so much when I found it on Blogging for Books I knew I needed to get it to share my review and gave that copy to my mom.  
    The book describes how to do the plan that has kept these sisters and their families satisfied, happy and healthy, after years fad dieting. They had self-published their first book and it gained a large following, it was a bit harder to understand and had recipes in it. This time around they wrote out the plan in a more condensed and easier to understand version and then wrote a separate cookbook with more recipes.  
   The basis of the plan is separating the fuels that feed your body, carbs and fats. You don’t eat them together, have a protein at each meal, and eat every 3 hours. You also remove sugar, white flour, and bad carbs from your diet, Replacing them with healthy carbs, fats and natural sweeteners that do not spike blood sugar.That is an extremely simplified version but it is the core of the whole plan. And the best part is that it works, it truly works, and it makes sense. I love it and the results that  Hubby and I are having. 
   The book first addresses the way you could have dieted in the past and how you view food. They do this in a fun group setting of people introducing themselves. Then it goes on to share the sane way of looking at the food we eat. They go through the different meal types, Satisfying, Energizing, Fuel Pull and Crossover. All which are well explained and complete with a food list for each type so you can build your own recipes.  
There are special ingredients that can be used but are not necessary that the authors go through and explain why they are helpful. The last part of the book is made up of sample menus for all situations. From nursing and pregnant women, on a budget, with allergies, vegetarian, and many more. 
   This plan can help to level out blood sugar, keep your metabolism going, make you feel great and many people have watched their health increase and their blood work numbers go to a normal range. There are far more benefits than losing weight on this plan. They do not promise any of these things but if you look at the Facebook group, these things can’t be denied as hundreds of women have had success following this book.  
   I love this plan and feel great with it. Look for a update post on Hubby and I’s progress in the coming weeks with a recipe out of the cookbook. 

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