Harry Potter Party: Pt 2

Our Harry Potter party was a hit. We watched 3 movies and had some delicious treats. We made our own grand table complete with Buckbeak.


   We had delicious cockroach clusters, recipe below.
   Dinner was chicken and mushroom meat pies, and a beef pie. These are modelled after the ones that were served at the Slug Club parties, I found the recipes in The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. They were delicious.
Not the prettiest things but at least they tasted good.
    We made some great little apple pies also similar to what was served at the parties.
   We had chocolate strawberry shots and of course what fun would it be without some house Jello shots. Tutorial on the Jello shots soon to come.
And we cannot forget the Butterbeer. The recipe we used did not turn out as yummy as we had hoped it would be. The recipe called for more extract than was probably needed and they gave a strong imitation flavor that was off putting. But it was pretty. When we find a better recipe I will share with you.


   We watched our favorite movies, Harry Potter and the Sorrcer’s Stone, Goblet of Fire, and Order of the Phoenix.  While watching, we had a witch hat on the corner of the screen and any time a character wore the hat we took a Jello shot or sip of our drink. Now this is totally unnecessary to have a fun party we just wanted to enjoy our adultness.
Cockroach Clusters
Melting Choclate
Chow Main noodles
Melt your chocolate until smooth. Stir in Chow mein noodles until thick enough to hold together. Spoon bite size pieces onto wax paper and let sit in the refrigerator until set. Freeze if you want but serve thawed.
These are supper easy and a great treat.

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