Basic tools in your kitchen

Basic Tools That Every Kitchen Needs

There are many kinds of kitchen tools and gadgets out there but most you can live without, there are some basic tools that you should have though. These basics are worth getting a good quality product because you will be using them on a regular basis.

  • Two Cutting Boards- Yes you need two, one for raw meats and one for everything else. A professional kitchen would have separate boards for white meats, red meat, and vegetables. At home though two will work, keep them clean though and don’t confuse the two. I use a bamboo board for vegetables, a large plastic one for my meats.

basic tools cutting boards

  • Knives- It is good to have an assortment, like a block set. But all you need is a Chef’s knife, good for cutting most everything. A serrated knife and a pairing knife. Buy the nicest ones you can afford  because they will last a long time.

basic tools knives

  • Measuring Spoons and Cups- These are so important when in the kitchen especially for baking. You can find good inexpensive plastic sets almost anywhere. I personally love mine from Kitchen Aid the spoon is a great shape that holds liquids and spices well. Also don’t forget to get some liquid measuring cups, dry cups do not work the same. These beakers from OXO are so much fun and with all the sizes you don’t have to clean in between every ingredient.

basic tools measuring sets

  • Utensils- There are so many that you could use in the kitchen and I have two drawers full, but there are a handful of basic tools that you just need to have. To start with a good pair of tongs, a few spatulas, a wooden spoon set, and a medium sized whisk are the absolute necessities. Spatulas is a term that covers many cooking utensils. You need at least one that works for stirring batters, silicone is my preferred kind. One that is offset that works for removing cookies from pan or making pancakes, and I highly recommend a couple mini ones. Make sure any utensils that will be in your pots and pans won’t cause scratches, I can’t put any metal in mine.

basic tools utensils

  • Cookware- What you have to cook with will make a difference in the foods you make. At minimum you need a 10-12 inch skillet, a large pot, a small sauce pan or pot, all best if they have lids with them. I would go for non-stick as well.

basic tools cookware

  • Mixing Bowls- A good set of mixing bowls doesn’t have to be expensive, try to find one that has 3-4 different sizes and you will be good to go. Bonus if they have lids so they can be used to store food too.

basic tools mixing bowl

  • Thermometer- I temp every time I cook meat. A digital thermometer is all you need.

basic tools thermometer

  • Bakeware- The basics you should have are a 9×13 cake pan, a couple half sheet trays or cookie pans as I call them, and a heavy dish with a glass lid. The heavy dish I actually use a lot for cooking chicken in the oven with a lid on.

basic tools large dish

basic tools bakeware

  • Hand or Stand Mixer- A hand-held mixer is very important and can be used from breakfast to desserts. Find one with good reviews that has nice attachments and a sturdy base. My Kitchen Aid stand mixer is one of my most used appliances and if you bake a lot I recommend you splurge and get one.

basic tools kitchen mixer

Wow I could write whole posts on some of these basics and I just might. These are the foundations for any kitchen, whether you cook twice a week or everyday you need these things to make your life easy in the kitchen. Again I want to remind you that it’s worth getting good quality products of these things because they will last much longer than others, and you will be using them a lot.

What is your favorite thing in your kitchen?


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