chicken fajitas THM S

Chicken Fajitas

We love a good Taco night at our house, even though it is usually enchiladas and not tacos. Last week I had extra chicken thighs and decided to make some fajitas. I knew that I could make them on plan using some low carb tortillas and making sure our sides didn’t have any carbs. Have I mentioned how easy THM meals can be, I love the simplicity.

I looked through a few different recipes to see some new ways I could marinade the meat and came up with this great marinade. You want to make sure you marinade your meat separately from the veggies, to prevent any contamination.

For my veggies, I went with the traditional green bell pepper and yellow onion. Sliced thin and marinated.

chicken fajitas THM S

I marinated all day long, about 5 or 6 hours and then started cooking. Be sure to hold on to the marinade that the veggies were in, it comes in handy to keep the pan from being too dry.

chicken fajitas THM S

I served the Fajitas with a bit of cheese and cilantro lime cauliflower rice. Since it is an S you can add in sour cream, avocado, a little salsa anything that adds some good fats to the meal.

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