Pork Carnitas

When I made these pork carnitas I didn’t have an exact recipe, but my great father in law told me what he remembered from when he made them and I went from there. This is an easy crock pot recipe that doesn’t take much effort.

pork carnitas

pork carnitas cooked

I served them up on some small tortillas with some cheddar cheese and if I had been thinking I would have added a little more cilantro on top. To go with them I made cilantro rice and homemade chips.

To make the rice, using a rice cooker I added my rice and then about 3 tablespoons of cilantro and two teaspoons of lemon juice, and added the water up to the line it said. I just let it cook however long the rice cooker takes and it was done and delicious. For the chips I cut up three tortillas into 8 slices and fried them in a little oil and added salt.

tortilla chips

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Have you ever done homemade carnitas before? Let me know if you try these I love to get comments.

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