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Roasted Vegetables

  My latest love in the kitchen has been roasting, especially vegetables. Roasting brings out a whole new flavor to the vegetables, many that I would not eat any other way.   I have been roasting vegetables on Sundays to use for my lunches throughout the week.  It is an easy tasty way to eat […]

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Caramel Oatmeal Cookies

   I was in the mood for some cookies and didn’t have a lot of things to add into it. I remembered though I had some leftover oatmeal from my Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Bake, I didn’t have raisins, though. They are my favorite oatmeal cookie add in, I did however have some caramel bits from […]

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French Silk Pie

     For Hubby’s birthday last week I whipped him up this delicious French Silk Pie. I had made one before that turned out perfectly but sadly I have since lost the recipe, it has been at least three years and I hoped that this one would turn out just as good. So I set out […]

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Apple Pie Egg Roll Recipe

   Yes you read that right, eggrolls filled with apple pie filling! They really are as good as it sounds, and takes less time than a pie does. I made these for our Valentines dinner, they were a perfect ending to our steak and potatoes dinner.   You’ll need your favorite apple pie filling recipe […]

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National Cherry Pie Day

   Today is National Cherry Pie day so I figured I should celebrate. Now I am not the biggest cherry fan so I didn’t make a pie but I got some input and have a roundup of the best recipes out there. But first some history of one of America’s favorite Pies.    When I […]