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10 Basic Spices Every Kitchen Needs

If you are just starting to really get your kitchen together then you may be wondering what spices you really need to buy. There are so many different kinds that range from .98 cents to close to five dollars, if you are just looking for the basic spices then it can be a bit overwhelming.

As you start to cook more and try new dishes you will need to start adding to your collection one or two at a time that way you don’t blow your whole grocery budget on just the seasonings for one dish.  But to just start there are a few that you need to have that can be used in most things.

Must-Have Spices:

  1. Salt– brings out the flavor in almost anything. I at one point used very little salt to keep my sodium levels down. But I have started to use Pink Himalayan Salt that has great flavor and health benefits. But you should always have regular iodized salt on hand.
  2. Pepper– Most dishes need a dash of pepper it helps balance it out.
  3. Garlic Powder– This is a good basic spice because it can go in anything that needs flavoring. I add it to all my meats, potatoes, green beans, and much more. We love garlic in this house.
  4. Onion Powder– Same as garlic powder it is just a good spice to add to meats, sauces just to boost that onion flavor.
  5. Greek Seasoning  or Season Salt- I use all purpose greek seasoning in many of my dishes it adds another dimension of flavor. Also, it doesn’t take much to make a difference. I add it to my panko or bread crumbs when making baked chicken sticks.
  6. Italian Seasoning– Great for adding to chicken, pasta sauce, pizza dough. A mix of basil, oregano, and other seasonings saves you from buying each individually when you are just starting.
  7. Paprika– It is great at adding a little bit of heat with great deep flavor. Adding an extra level of flavor to many dishes.
  8. Crushed red pepper– Bump the heat up with this basic spice. Again added to most meat dishes just to add to the flavors. It goes in many Mexican style meals, even Asian meals, pasta sauces too.
  9. Chili powder– I waited way to long to get some chili powder. It is great added to chicken when cooking for any dish. It is great for chili obviously and Mexican meals.
  10. Cumin– I love the smell of cumin. It is so great in taco meat and a variety of other dishes. A unique flavor that can not be achieved with a mixture of other spices.


Cinnamon– One of my favorites. Great if you eat a lot of toast or if you eat sweet potatoes. I use cinnamon a lot because I make a tea with it and it is added to my sweet potatoes that I have a couple times a week.

There are also different spices that you should have if you cook a lot of certain style of dishes or bake a lot. I will cover those in an upcoming post soon so be on the lookout.

What is the one spice you cannot live without in the kitchen?


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