Hey! I’m Renee, welcome to my little kitchen on the internet. I hope you will have a snack and stay awhile.

welcome to my kitchen

I am a wife to an awesome man, a mom to our two fur babies Tesla and Chester, teacher and what you will read about here most, a complete food nerd. I love all things related to food.

Meet Renee, Parker, Tesla and Chester

I have a degree in Culinary and Food Science, yes that’s a real thing, along with a Culinary degree. Food Scientist have many options once graduated, my plan and focus in school was product development, research chef, and sensory testing. Meaning I wanted to create new products for food companies that would then be sold to consumers. I say that was my plan because, when Hubby and I got married we moved to a town that really didn’t offer jobs in those fields, so I became a substitute teacher instead and love it! But that left me with a lot of food creative energy and no way to express it.

So here I am to share my love of food and cooking with all of you wonderful readers. On this site you will find:

Recipes: My favorite recipes will be featured here. I will never share a recipe that I didn’t try and enjoy. If I don’t like it you won’t see it. We have been following the Trim Healthy Mama Plan for a few months now and many of my recipes will be on plan, meaning low fat or low carb and sugar-free. You can learn more about THM here.

Tips: I have learned a lot of things in the kitchen that make life so much easier and cooking more fun, there can never be too many tips out there.

Reviews: I love finding new things and sharing them with other people and reviews are a fun way to do that. You can find cookbook, restaurant, recipe, and kitchen product reviews on this site. Disclaimer * some of these items may be given to me in exchange for a review or I may be compensated for reviewing* Everything I share will always be my honest opinion.

Techniques: The teacher in me wants to help you learn things in the kitchen not just tell you a recipe. I will be sharing step by step tutorials and videos on different cooking techniques.

You can contact me [ninja_forms_modal_form id=1 text_link=’here’]. I love hearing feedback and talking with readers, I will respond to any questions or comments as quickly as possible.

If you would like to work with me please contact me [ninja_forms_modal_form id=9 text_link=’using this link.’]