Top 10 Tips for Propane and Charcoal Grilling

   Can you believe it Friday will be May 1st! Which here in Conway is also the start of Toad Suck Days now I am not 100% sure what all that entails but you know we will be going to join in the tradition and will have an interesting recap the beginning of next week. May is National BBQ Month, so today I have a treat for you all. The grill expert of Married and Hungry is going to share his Top 5 Tips for both Propane and Charcoal grilling to get you in the BBQ mood! Of course this expert is none other then my Hubby. Enjoy his tips!

  1.  A clean grill is a happy grill. Clean the grill either before or after cooking every time. Heat grill to at least 350 and scrape with wire grill brush, this not only helps prevent burnt tasting food but it also preserves your grill grates.
  2.  At the beginning or end of every grill season take your grates and burners off and give them a good clean, while your at it clean any residue off of the bottom panel of your grill, this will help your grill last longer and cook more efficiently.
  3.  Flame ups, I usually keep a small squirt bottle by my grill for the occasional flame ups that won’t go down. Just spray directly at the flame avoiding any food and you should be good to go and your food won’t be burned. 
  4.  Propane. At the end of your grilling session make sure to turn the propane off first, followed by the burners, this will allow the excess propane in the lines to burn out and ensures a good start on your next grill-out.
  5.  Last but not least cover your grill. There is nothing worse than a rusty grill. It’s worth the $25 investment at your local Lowe’s to protect that grill for many years




  1. Lighting the charcoal. Obviously the most important part of this style of grilling. Please if you love the taste of your food and not lighter fluid, ditch the fluid for either an electric starter or a charcoal chimney. Both will get your coals red hot and do a better job cooking your foods to delicious perfection.
  2.  Quality charcoal. We all know those briquettes that most people use, well don’t give in and use them, instead use the 100% wood charcoal you can get at your friendly neighborhood Lowe’s. This will be better, I promise.
  3.  Take your time. Charcoal cooking unlike propane grilling takes some time. Between heating the coals and cooking your food you are easily looking at 40+ minutes. Despite that this is still my favorite method of grilling, use the time to enjoy the outsides or drink a nice cold beer….or both you know…whatever works for ya, grilling is a laid back enjoyable type of cooking.
  4.  Air flow. Yes air flow is important on charcoal grilling. You need your air flow to be just perfect, not too much that you get too hot, and not to little so that you put your charcoal out. Set your vents (I promise you do have vents even if you have not noticed them) to about half way, adjust accordingly if you think it is too hot or too cold.
  5. Cleaning. I said it before and I will say it again since this applies to all grilling, KEEP YOUR GRILL GRATES CLEAN. That is all.


Thank you so much Hubby for sharing these great tips any questions, leave them in the comments and he will be answering them! Come back this month for some great grilled recipes!