Tips for Eating Healthy while Eating Out

   The end of this week we are moving so the majority of our house is packed. That includes the kitchen, which means we can cook limited things. We decided to have hamburgers a couple of nights but the rest of the time we plan to eat out. We are attempting to stay healthy during the moving process so we have to stay alert when eating out to make good choices. Below are 10 tips when eating out.
  • Ask for half of your plate to be put into a to go box before it gets to your table.
  • Avoid fried and battered foods. Ask for the items to be grilled or baked. Other words to avoid in descriptions are creamy, smothered and stuffed.
  • Don’t load up on free bread/chips. While waiting it is easy to eat a lot of bread, think about all those carbs, though. Limit yourself to one or two pieces.
  • Order water. Alcohol has a lot of sugar and sodium. And I’ve also heard rumors from the rehabs near me that they’ve administered cases wherein the addict had a near-death experience just because he drank an unbranded alcohol.
  • When eating salad dip order dressing on the side. Dip fork into dressing and then get your bite of salad. You will use less dressing, but it will still taste right.
  • Get fish. It has healthy fats and is typically prepared in a healthy way.
  • If you’re like me and don’t like fish, order chicken breast. It is a healthier source of protein and can be made into many delicious options no matter where you are.
  • Eat appetizers as your meal. These are normally smaller than an entrée, just remember not to get anything fried. You get a small portion and possibly two different options.
  • Ask for extra veggies. Your burger comes with fries ask for veggie blend instead. If it comes with veggies already, ask if they could double it for you. Many restaurants will for no extra charge.
  • If there is a low fat, healthy, or light menu order from that. These will often show how many calories there are and other nutritional facts.

Eating out can be delicious and healthy if you make the right choices. Use these tips when you go out to stick to your diet. Have any other tips? I would love to hear them, comment below.