Harry Potter Party: Pt 1: Planning

  This Halloween Hubby and I are throwing our first party. It is of course Harry Potter theme, because what else would we pick. I am so excited for this and have been planning for a few weeks.

 Today I am going to share our menu, games, and plan for the party. 
   Our menu is mostly based off of foods in the books and traditional London foods. For snacks we have dips and pretzel wands, and guest are bringing others. We will have a little tea bar with teas, cream, sugar and rock cakes. These cakes are some that Hagrid offered in his hutch, during tea time. For our main meal we will be having meat pies. One is a chicken and mushroom pie, they are traditional pub food. The other is a beef pie. The pies and rock cakes are from a Harry Potter Cook Book. Desserts will be apple pies from the great hall, roach clusters, and peppermint pasties. Of course there will be some candy eaten too it is Halloween.
   We will be enjoying a drinking game while watching the movies. I have placed a witches hat on one corner of the TV. Each time someone wares the hat in the movie, by having their head in that corner of the TV, we will take a jello shot. Our jello shots are Grfyendor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff themed. Can’t wait to try these!
   Our main plan for the party is to hang out enjoy the movies, while quoting them, eating delicious food, and having a blast with our friends. Oh and I can not forget to mention the Butterbeer drinking that will be happening. We got to taste the liquid gold that is Butterbeer while at Universal Studios, and have been itching to have more since we left. Now we are finally going to make our own! So excited for that.