Christmas Recap

  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. I have loved this Christmas break, it has been one of the best. Relaxing, hanging out with family, baking, delicious food, and lots of laughs it was just what I needed.

   I started my vacation on Monday of Christmas week since schools are out. This being our first Christmas in our own house we decided that we wanted to exchange gifts there, so we needed to do them early. So Monday night we sat down after dinner, put on the fireplace on Netflix which had its own music to go with it and opened presents. I gave Hubby top of the line web cam from logitech. A quad camera drone, The 5th Wave book for him to read before we see the movie. A soft plush robe and Mad Max Fury Road. Plus some fun stocking stuffers that we waited and opened on Christmas. He gave me something that I had been wanting for ever, a Cannon EOS Rebel T5. With all the necessary attachments 2 lenses, 3 batteries, a memory card, and camera bag. I am in love with it and have taken so many pictures already. The pictures on here are about to improve so much and that makes me very excited.

   Tuesday we celebrated with dinner and gift exchange with our friends. We had a delicious meal at Chili’s and I even tried a new wine, white zephendale and I love it. Then we exchanged gifts games, candy, candles, Star Wars, cookie cutters, ice molds. I think we all did great with our gifts! Then we opened up the games and played. Exploding Kittens is a lot of fun! The whole point is not to explode and all the cards have some funny sayings on them.

   We then headed home on Wednesday, it was nice to get in before all the business started. I got to visit mom at her office and meet some of her friends at her new job. Then we just relaxed for the evening.

   Christmas Eve I got to bake and hang out with my sister before going to the Hubby’s family Christmas. I baked a wonderful pretty sugar free apple pie that would was almost on plan. Got some other dishes started. All while hanging out with my sister listening to Jimmy Buffet and Cowboy Christmas music just like we always did growing up, it was great. For dinner we headed over to Hubby’s Grandmas for dinner. It is always a blast to hang out with his family and of course eat yummy food.

   Christmas day was so much fun too. We had breakfast and Christmas with my in-laws in the morning. We loved giving them our gifts, and of course we got some great gifts as well. Some highlights were, for me a Harry Potter blanket and Hagird Pop figure, for hubby, a coffee press and grinder, , and a gaming mouse. Then we headed over to my parents house for Christmas there. It was great giving them their gifts too, some more highlights were silverware set ( we really needed one), Pioneer Woman cookbook signed by Ree herself, an Ironman comic book picture, and some fun items from Spain including an awesome bracelet. Then my mom, sister and I got to work finishing off all our dishes for lunch. After everything was cooked and ready to go we loaded it all up and headed out to my grandparents. We had some wonderful food talked with family and enjoyed each other. My uncle came to spend Christmas with us, which was great to see him and talk with him its been about 15 years since we saw him.

   We spent the rest of the weekend and time back home relaxing and enjoying ourselves. It was a wonderful vacation and we still have a few days left to enjoy being off from work.

   What were some of your highlights from Christmas? I would love to hear from you.