Beef Wellington

Personal Beef Wellington

This year for his birthday Hubby asked me to make him beef wellington and a twice baked potato, and what kind of wife would I be if I said no. I had made it a couple times before but it had been years ago. I started looking at all the different Beef Wellington recipes and saw some common themes that I knew I could make that we would both enjoy. Emeril Lagasse has a great recipe and another recipe that makes individual pieces instead of one big one. Since it’s just us two, I decided that it would be fun if we each got our own.

Normally Beef Wellington has patte on it, I decided to not use that for ours since we wouldn’t eat it anyway.  I decided on a simple mushroom deluxxes, which is just a fancy looking word for finely chopped mushrooms and shallots cooked down into almost a paste, puchito for my moisture barrier. You could add stone ground mustard to the meat before rolling it for some extra flavor if you wanted, we only had spicy mustard and I didn’t think it would go well on it.

How to make Beef Wellington

The process to make this is much easier than it looks. First you need to chop and cook the deluexes. Let it just cool while you do everything else.  Oh don’t be like me and forget to turn the oven on or to put out the puff pastry so it can thaw while you work.

When the meat is at room temperature sear it on each side in a very hot pan. For a traditional medium rare sear for about 1 minute on both sides. This needs to cool before you work with it too.

meat for beef wellington

sear meat for beef wellington

Rool the puff pastry out so that it is 1/4 inch thick and then cut into two pieces. Lay out the purchuito to cover the pastry then put half the mushroom mixture on as well and spread evenly.

rolling out puff pastry for beef wellington

proschuito and mushrooms for beef wellington

Now here is the tricky part. Place the stake towards one of the edges, then roll/fold it over so that it is all covered. I had to tuck in the sides of the pastry as I went.

rolled beef wellington

Brush with your egg wash and bake for 20 minutes.

egg wash on beef wellington

Serve it up with a potato, green beans, or a green salad. In a little under an hour you have an elegant meal on the table and everyone will be impressed with how great it is.

Beef Wellington