These resurrection rolls are a great way to start your Easter day.

Resurrection Rolls for Easter

These resurrection rolls are a tasty way to remember the Easter story. I made these a few years ago for Easter lunch and everyone loved them, then I told them what they meant and they loved them even more.

It is a very simple recipe all you need is marshmallows, crescent rolls, cinnamon sugar and butter. Each element represents a part of the Easter story.

  • The marshmallow represents Jesus.
  • Butter represents the oils of embalming.
  • The cinnamon sugar represents the spices in wich his body was anointed.
  • Crescent rolls the tomb in which he was laid in.
  • As the rolls bake the marshmallow melts away and the “tomb” is left empty, showing that He is risen.

It is a great activity to do as a family on Easter morning. As you do each step of the recipe you can tell the story of what happened and how these elements represent this amazing story.  Then you get to enjoy the delicious cinnamon roll and rejoice in the fact that Jesus rose from the tomb.