What I Am Enjoying

It’s been a while since I’ve done any type of update on what’s been going on around here. We had about 6 weeks where every weekend we were doing something or out of town. Even though it was summer and I wasn’t working it seemed like we just couldn’t relax. That and the fact I hadn’t felt normal in a while made me not want to blog and get things done here.

Now that school has started back, I will get on a normal schedule again and get back into a routine. With it being the first couple weeks of class I don’t expect many teachers to need substitutes but I am ready to get back in the classroom asap. Until then I am watching one of my favorite kiddos 3 days a week, which is a blast, playing cars, doing puzzles and going to the playground.

Here are some foodie things that I have enjoyed lately.

These Lo Mein noodles quicly became a favorite last week. I used Udon noodles. steamed in the microwave add in soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, garlic and ginger, along with carrots, mushrooms and chicken. They were amazing!

chineese noodles

These Low Carb Sugar Free Almond Flour Cookies. I can not stop eating them! They have a great texture and flavor and it doesn’t feel like I’m missing out on the real deal. Recipe here


A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend in Bartlesville at a gaming land party. Hubby got to enjoy gaming with his cousin and some new friends while I explored the town with his cousin’s wife and kids. Across from the hotel was a cute little Farmers Market that I just had to hit up. It had some good produce and a sweet hand thrown pottery booth. I got this pitcher and the kids got to paint some little figures.

farmers market

hubby playing

I also tried Freddy’s Steakburger and Fries for the first time and I must say YUM!!

Freddy's burger

I spent a weekend in Branson with my mom, sister and cousins. We had a blast hanging out, shopping and we went to see Moses! The Sight and Sound Theater was incredible and the story of Moses has always been a favorite of mine. It was neat to see how they adapted it and to see it in person. Of course, we also went to Joe’s Crab Shack and I got a funny bib.

joes crab shack



We found a neat distillery in Little Rock called Rock Town Distillery and had a chance to attend a bottling party. I love this place and can’t wait to share more about it with you soon. Until then see this pretty picture of their Blueberry Cobbler Moonshine, its my favorite!

rock town

We have had a busy summer and I am glad to be back to a normal routine for the school year. What are some fun things that you did over the summer or are enjoying now?