Cookbook Review: Gluten-Free For Good

Disclosure: I received this book from Blogging for Books. All thoughts and opinions are my own and there are no affiliate links in this post.

While on the THM plan my diet has been lower in gluten just from the foods that are on plan. When I saw this book pop up on Blogging for Books I thought it would be an interesting read, and it did not disappoint.

First Impressions- The cover looks nice with a delicious looking pizza pictured, flipping through I could see that there are a lot of recipes and that many of them would be on plan and be useful.

The layout of the book is pretty traditional. Opening with a gluten-free pantry list that has all sorts of ingredients that are used in baking and cooking, and why they are useful. Along with staples that you can make to have on hand. Then over 100 recipes in categories; breakfast, soups sides and salads, mains, snacks and desserts.  There are many recipes that look wonderful and I can’t wait to try like these Mocha Glazed Baked Donuts. The only adjustments some of these recipes need to be THM friendly is to change sugar to an on plan sweetener which is super easy to do.

The author Samantha Seneviratne, shares in the introduction that she started having a hard time feeding large groups of people because many people have become gluten-free, and those that are not don’t typically enjoy gluten-free foods. She wanted to give options that no one would know they are gluten-free and were whole natural foods.

Many options now in stores of prepackaged foods have added compounds and chemicals that make the gluten-free foods taste better and shelf stable, many people don’t want to put those things in their bodies. These recipes give you choices to easily make whole natural foods that taste just as good as something with gluten. Which is something that is just right up my alley I don’t like eating many processed foods and anytime I can make it at home it usually tastes better and is more cost effective.

Seneviratne believes food should not be defined by what isn’t there, these meals are for everyone and just happen to be gluten-free.  She blogs over at Love, Cake a dessert blog that has both regular and gluten-free recipes.

Rating: 4.5 stars I love that this cookbook has more than a few recipes that could become regular staples. The pictures are great and well done, and the recipes have nice little intrdoductions. The only complaint I have is that there are a lot of different flours that would make starting up gluten-free baking a little costly if you do not have to be gluten-free.