It is the time for potlucks and holiday parties. Here are some tips to stay on the Trim Healthy Mama plan while you enjoy the party.

Tips for Eating Healthy at Potlucks

It is that time of year where sticking to a healthy eating plan gets difficult because eating healthy at potlucks is not always an easy task. Tailgating and football watch parties are happening, Halloween is getting closer, and the holidays are drawing near. It is the season of potlucks, everyone brings a dish or two and you are left hoping that you can stick to your plan with the options you have.  With Trim Healthy Mama it may be easier than you think to survive the potlucks.

Here are a few of my top tips to make it through without being hungry or feeling guilty.

Tips to Eating Healthy at Potlucks

  • Bring something that is completely on plan. This way you know you have at least one thing to eat. This could be a dessert, a veggie tray, or even a meat and cheese tray. Of course, it could be any of the other share friendly meals that you love.
  • Aim to have an S meal. If you go in with the mindset to have a higher fat meal you are more likely to succeed. Yes, that means to avoid all the carbs that are on the table, they probably aren’t on plan anyway.
  • Stay away from sugary desserts. Put down the cake and cookies.
  • Bring a small dessert for yourself. A few pieces of skinny chocolate let you feel like you are indulging with everyone else but you won’t feel bad afterward.
  • Bring your own drink. Don’t go for the soda or sweet tea instead bring a Good Girl Moonshine with you so you have something yummy to sip on.
  • Eat the healthy options. There is almost always a veggie and dip tray, even some warm dips for chips can be eaten with your veggies. Go for the food that is most like something you would eat at home. Even a cheese ball is on plan!
  • Eat a good amount of protein. Don’t skimp here this will make you full. I wouldn’t worry too much about what is on it, it probably isn’t 100% on plan but that can’t be controlled and probably won’t hurt you.
  • If it is a special celebration enjoy the moment, have a little something ‘bad’ and go about your business. A few bites will not derail you just get back on the wagon in three hours.

This is the beauty of THM you can stick to it no matter what is going on. It may not be as fun as you are used to but not feeling terrible or guilty at the end of the day is more than worth it. If you are aiming for an S meal then there are so many things that are open for you to eat. The main things to avoid at that point is sugar, white flour, rice and potatoes, and carb sources like beans, sweet potatoes, etc.

Later this week I will be sharing some great tailgate style recipes that you can take to your potluck parties this year!

What is your best tip when you go to these type of parties? How about your biggest challenge?

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It is the time for potlucks and holiday parties. Here are some tips to stay on the Trim Healthy Mama plan while you enjoy the party.