Gift ideas for kids who like to cook. Fun and easy ideas to encourage children to explore in the kitchen.

Gift Guide for Kids Who Love Cooking

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I have loved being in the kitchen since I was young. I think it is great when kids want to get involved in making their food. I have gathered these gift ideas for kids who like to cook and want to grow and learn in the kitchen.

  • An Apron, they are cute and functional. These children’s aprons from Flirty Aprons are so much fun. You can even get matching aprons for you and your kiddo.
  • Cookbooks for kids. I had a couple first cookbooks one was a very old one that my mom had when she was little and had some odd combinations in it but it was fun. I also had a step by step Rachel Ray book she was my favorite, and a Teen cookbook that had single serving ideas and was written by two teen sisters.  I loved them and used them a lot when I got to cook dinner for the family. Cookbooks are important to give kids that like to cook it encourages them to try new things. Ones that have recipes broken down so they can understand with minimal help from an adult makes them so excited. Here are a few that I would recommend.  
    • Cooking Rocks by Rachel Ray (the same one I had)
    • The DO it Myself Kids Cookbook -Nothing Sharp Nothing Hot for Kids as young as 4
    • Junior Chef from Williams and Sonoma
    • Pillsbury Cookbook for kids 8 and older
  • Fun plates and dishes. Having cute and decorative dishes for them to plate their creations on adds to the fun of cooking.
  • Kidstir is a neat subscription box that can be gifted in 3, 6 or 12-month boxes. Each box comes with kid-friendly tools, 3 step by step recipes, 3 informational packets, shopping lists, and games. This would be a fun way to introduce cooking to a child who is interested, and a way to spend time together doing something new with them. You can find more information here. 
  • Fun cookie cutters. These can be used for other things than just making cookies, such as; cutting biscuit dough, sandwiches, decorating cakes, and much more.
  • Raddish is a subscription like Kidstir above. They are very similar I like this one because it has a new theme every month that never repeats. Getting kids in the kitchen helps them be involved in what they are eating that leads them too trying more foods. You can get started here.
  • A personalized recipe box. They can collect their favorite recipes and even pictures of them in the kitchen can go in it. When they are older they will love it. You could also make a binder with plastic sleeves to put printed recipes in.
  • Set of oven mitts and towels for them. We all love having special things that are ours, even if there are already 5 sets in the kitchen.
  • A budding baker (about 8 or older would be best) would love a cake decorating kit with icing bags, extracts, cupcake holders, maybe a cake pop maker, food colors.
  • Kids size utensils. Some smaller knives, or even just a pairing knife, small spoons, whisks and others can be found online. I like this Curious Chef set from JC Penney’s. And these knife sets from

I personally think any child that enjoys being in the kitchen should be encouraged. Gifting them something fun that they can use while cooking or showing you what they can do is a nice simple way to tell them what they are doing is great. Cooking has been an escape for me since I was in my teens and always is fun to me, so I encourage you to have fun with your kids in the kitchen. You never know they may even eat more veggies.