Grilled Veggies

For Christmas this year my mom gave Hubby a few grill accessories, including a basket for veggies. We love grilling in the summer but haven’t really done much grilling with veggies, other than corn and jalapenos. I thought they basket would be great for making all sorts of different veggies.

Last week Hubby decided he wanted to try out some veggies for his lunches. Since he isn’t a big veggie eater I was excited that he wanted to branch out and try some different things. He came up with a recipe using the flavors and veggies that he does like. I must say I was pretty jealous when he finished his prep for the week and had some amazing vegetables and I just had my usual cauliflower and some green beans. They were so delicious and cooked perfectly. We decided that they would have to become a more regular side for dinners as well as his lunches.

He decided on onions, mushrooms and green beans. Using garlic powder, onion powder, and “kickin chicken seasoning” to season with and tossed them with a little oil.

He added them into the grill basket and cooked over a low flame with the lid open for about 15 minutes, until they were tender. Tossing with tongs a few times to make sure they were cooking even.

How to grill veggies in a grill basket. Use your favorite combination of veggies.