Life Update

Hey guys!

I have not been on here as much as I had planned for the summer. For good reason though, life got busy fast. I started my Master program end of May and was busy working on classwork and readings. Then the second week of June I applied for, interviewed, and got a teaching job for this school year. It was mostly a surprise as I had not planned to start until the 2018/2019 school year. But God has a way of laughing at plans, so this year it is. I am excited and nervous all in one but as August gets closer I am ready to get going.

With this, though I just do not have the time to write here, do my school work, and lesson plan and all the other teacher work. So something had to give and for now, that will be the blog. I am sad to not be writing regularly but I will still be on here from time to time to share recipes and tips. I don’t plan to take anything down so all of your favorite recipes, tips, and THM info will still be here.

I appreciate you all for following and reading this site.