Building the Ultimate Sandwhich

   Hubby loves sandwiches, he thinks that everything can be made better by turning it into one. While I was gone last weekend at AWBU he decided to make him a special one. He began thinking that he wanted to make a muffuletta but decided he didn’t want to mess with the olives at the time, so he just made a great sub.

   He got a 1/4 pound each of salami, ham, swiss, buffalo chicken breast, and sharp cheddar. One loaf of french bread. He also used brown mustard for some extra flavor.
   Below are pictures of the assembling process.








You could be done here and have a great sandwich, he though went ahead and made it flatter so that all the ingredients meshed together for the best flavor. Wrap the sandwich in foil and set heavy things on top for about an hour or so until it is squished together.



The finished product. I love how tight everything is together.
There was some left over when I got back so I got to try it. It was delicious!! What’s in your ultimate sandwich?

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