Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Review

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
   This is a companion book to the Trim Healthy Mama Plan (review coming soon). These books are Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett’s second and third book, an update to their original self-published book that was over 600 pages long and included the plan overview and recipes. Their first book was a best seller and many ‘mamas’ were requesting a simpler version of the plan that was easy to understand and a separate cookbook that wasn’t so large. And boy did these ladies come through, both books are wonderful and have great information.
   The cookbook has over 300 recipes with easy to follow directions and wonderful pictures. It even has a review/ quick guide to the different types of meals the plan uses, this makes it easier to get started if you don’t have the plan book yet. I loved this book so much that I went out and got a copy of the plan so I could get started.
   What hooked me to the plan, were the wonderful recipes, they had ingredients that I liked and things that I knew I could get Hubby to eat. They don’t restrict the use of fats when you are eating S meals. Carbs are all good when you’re going for an E meal. It is wonderful to see a healthy plan that includes all the food groups and not so restrictive that you don’t want to stick to it.
   I have tried three recipes from the book and they turned out great! I have so many more flagged that I can’t wait to try!
   Cheeseburger Pie is our lunch for the week and is an S meal.  I used turkey meat because it is much less expensive than beef and we prefer it now. I used milk instead of cream and added sautéed mushrooms to the meat. The mixture of the filling is egg, mayonnaise, cream and seasoning.
   These mufflets are my breakfast for the week. I just warm 2 up each morning for 30-45 seconds and they are a perfect on the go breakfast full of protein and veggies. This is also an S meal. I sautéed my veggies until they were soft and then added them into the mixture.
   Last night I made Creamy Herby Chicken for dinner and it turned out great. The flavor was perfect and I loved the creaminess. The cream mixture spread on the chicken is Greek yogurt, mayonnaise and seasonings. Simple and tasty, my favorite!
    There is a whole section for desserts that are made using healthy flowers and sweeteners that you can eat for breakfast and still be on plan! As well as a section on drinks that I am ready to dive into, including their famous Good Girl Moon Shine and their new Thick Thins that are shakes!


If you are ready to find food freedom and are done with diets this could be the book that can help you reach your goals. I am so excited to start this lifelong journey and get to be the best healthy me.