Sweeter Off the Vine review

Sweeter off the Vine Review

I received this book from Blogging for Books. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sweeter Off the Vine, Fruit Desserts For Every Season by Yossy Arefi first caught my eye from the pretty cover. The idea of making desserts with seasonal fruits sounded like something that was right up my alley.

First Impressions: When I opened my package I was surprised at how heavy this book was. It’s pretty big with almost 250 pages with a hard cover that feels and looks great. I flipped through and noticed each recipe has a picture. Speaking of pictures they are all beautiful and very well done. I love it when a cookbook has great pictures.

Layout: Arefi used the seasons as her form of chapters for the book. Each season has 4-6 different fruits that are at their peak during that season, each with many recipes. She also includes 14 recipes that are great year round. She also introduces many of the fruits before the recipes so you know which variety is preferred when cooking.

I really enjoyed reading through this cookbook and have found many recipes that look delicious. Yossy Arefi has a nice voice that comes through the pages and shows her creativity with her recipes. I can’t wait to try Apricot Jam this summer, the recipe looks simple and delicious.

My Rating: 4 stars The only things I would change is the paper that the pages are on, I prefer a glossy page instead of a matte page. I would also like it if her introductions into the various fruits had a little more information in them. The recipes and index though are top notch.

What season has your favorite fruits?