April Fools Day Food

Happy April Fools Day! It is a lot of fun to trick those people around you what better way to do it than with food. Here are some of my favorite food pranks out there.

These caramel apples would be a bad surprise. Follow the same steps to make caramel apples but instead use small onions.

april fools day food

This cake that can’t be cut is fun. Except you can’t eat it either. Take a large sponge and cover it in icing or cool whip.

sponge cake

Speaking of cakes how about this one that looks like a beautiful round cake. It is actually meatloaf with mashed potato icing, at least you can eat this one.  People have also taken this concept and made little cupcakes.

april fools day food

This one I thought was cute too. Take chocolate egg wrappers from easter candy and wrap it around grapes or little tomatoes.

April Fools day food

How about this for a swap. Kids may not find this one funny, broccolie disguised as lollipops.

april fools day food

Heres one that would leave me extremely sad. Use a donut box, but fill it with vegetables. Place it out in the breakroom, maybe don’t leave your name on it.

april fools day food

Have you pulled an awesome April Fools Day Prank with food? I would love to hear about it.