deep clean kitchen

Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

It has been Spring for a few weeks now and if you are like me you have put off parts your Spring Cleaning list. It is important though that your kitchen gets a good cleaning at least once a year, it probably could use it twice a year. You can click here and get all the information you want on how to go about that. The surfaces you use regularly are probably pretty clean, but those hard to reach spots or under appliances are the places that can harbor some nasty germs and dust that need to be cleaned out.

It’s not just the kitchen that needs a cleaning (even though this is what this article is mainly about!) everywhere needs to be cleaned. Even the outside. So if you don’t like cleaning your windows or making sure that the gutter is empty then you need to get some outsider help like these gutter & eaves cleaning services. It is so important for everywhere to be clean, not just the kitchen. However, the kitchen is probably one of the most important places as that is where you cook all your food, it is basically the room that provides for you, even if you don’t think so.

Somehow the kitchen table always seems to get cluttered first, and even with weekly cleaning things still pile up. That is where I like to start my cleaning, once it is cleared off I feel less overwhelmed with the task at hand. After that, I like to start at one end of the kitchen and work my way around. Here are a few tips that help me get a nice deep clean.

  • Start from the top and work your way down. As you wipe and clean out the top shelves of cabinets, or the top of the cabinets if yours don’t touch the ceiling, dust will wall down, you don’t want it to fall on clean counters or a sparkling floor.
  • Get the clutter out first. If you never use it or it doesn’t belong in the kitchen get it out. Reorganize as you go if that is needed.
  • Wipe all your surfaces off with a duster or dry cloth to get the loose dust and crumbs off. Another reason the floor doesn’t need to be cleaned until the end.
  • Take soap and hot water and wash down all the counters and appliances. Make sure whatever does get water on it won’t be harmed.
  • Use a stronger cleaner like Barkeeper’s Friend, Comment, etc to get those stuck on grease spots or to help with stain. If you use any chemicals that aren’t safe for food then wash again with water and soap.
  • Take an antibacterial and wipe everything down again to make sure all germs are dead. I use pledge wipes.
  • On appliances be sure to clean the inside and the outside. Stuck on food is tough but Barkeeper’s Friend did wonders on my toaster oven. A bowl of water in the microwave for a couple minutes and stains will wipe right off. There are a lot of tricks out there.

Once everything else is done its time to tackle the floors. Sweep up everything that you can. If you have a rug shake it out outside or right before you sweep. Get all the little corner. If you can, pull your large appliances out and sweep behind them as well. Then mop using the method you like best. I use a vinegar, water, and little dish soap mixture with a Swiffer and it gets the floors extremely clean.