The Flying Saucer- Little Rock

The Flying Saucer in the River Market area in Little Rock is the place to be adventurous with your beer.

When you walk in you are welcomed into a patio,with picnic tables and small tables. There are large windows along the front of the building that are open during nice weather.

As you walk back you get to the bar area. The area is full of tables and a large bar area. The walls are full of saucers from all over the place and the ones earned by the UFO club.

Joining the UFO club will also give you an incentive to try them all. Once you do you will get your own saucer that will stay forever on the walls of the Flying Saucer.

Let’s Talk Beers

With over 200 different beers that are always changing you are sure to find one you like. You can choose from stouts, porters, ales, ipas, wheat beer, fruity beers and ciders and many more. Many local breweries are featured as well.
I am more of a cider person and found ACE Pear Cider and love it.


pear ciderHubby being a beer drinker got to try a few different ones to see how the Saucer did.
He tried a Arkansas Flat that had local beers on it.

arkasnsas flight
The chocolate stout had a great deep flavor.

Chocolate Stout


The Yin Stout is one of their strongest alcohol per volume beers. It has a great flavor.


Not a beer but I tried a cocktail to see how they mixed. The Pirate Punch was strong and delicious.


Let’s Talk Food

Of course when we go out I have to try some of their food. We have gone a few times now so we have tried a nice variety of dishes.

The beer cheese soup in a bread bowl. The soup tasted great and the bread was to die for.

bread bowl


The Mac and Cheese, creamy and decadent it is what I look for in my mac and cheese.

mac and cheese

Hubby and I shared two pretzels with cheese dip and spicy mustard. We each ate one and they filled us up, though they tasted so good I would try to eat 2 or 3 on my own.  The spicy mustard was spiced with what tasted like horseradish and had a nice kick to it. The cheese dip was good, it tasted like cheese with Rotel in it, but it was a perfect combination.


We also tried a pizza that you can build yourself.  It seemed a little small for the price but it was pretty tasty.

FS pizza

The Flying Saucer is a great place to go hang out on a Friday or Saturday evening, have some great food, a few drinks and enjoy time with friends. We plan to make it a regular stop and try different types of beer along the way.

Have you ever been to a Flying Saucer in Little Rock or any of their other locations?