Low Carb Lunch Wrap

While I’ve been on THM I have typically eaten the same lunch of chicken, rice or sweet potato, and vegetables. While it is delicious it started to get old so I decided to switch it up. Last week I started making lunch wraps using Flat Out wraps. The Flat Out Light Wraps only have 6 grams of carbs so one will keep you in S territory, I add in other things to bring up the fat content so that it is a very satisfying meal. Hubby even tried them this week and is hooked.

This is a super simple recipe and can be customized to how you like it. I use baby spinach, this is a way to get some leafy greens into your diet without noticing them. I have a problem eating lettuces typically but in the wrap, I hardly noticed it and was able to eat a big handful each day, I ended up going through the bag in a week.  Then I add in meat and cheese these can be any that you like. Since I wanted to be in S mode I opted for a fattier meat of ham instead of turkey, both taste great, though. I also added some mayonnaise in for extra flavor and fats.

To get a little crunch in with your sandwich you can have some carrot or celery sticks. You could also have a side salad to go with it if you are afraid it won’t fill you up. I ate a few chips and a little salsa with my and was full every day.

What would you put in your wraps?