How to Make a Lattice Pie Crust

When making apple pies like this one it is always pretty to make a decorative crust. There are many different kinds but a Lattice design on top is simple and looks very elegant.  Any fruit pie is suitable for a lattice crust on top. Hubby enjoys a good apple pie so I went with apple this time around.

Lattice is a simple pattern to make if you don’t think about it too hard. You can use as many strips of dough as you would like. Some people keep them close together and use more, after looking around I found it common to use four to five strips going each way.

I cut my dough into strips that were a half inch wide and used four going each way.

First you lay all the strips down going one way. Then you will fold every other one down and lay a strip going the other direction, then lay the strips back over it. Alternate which ones are down each time until you are done. See how below in the video.

Click here for the pie recipe I used. 


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