This delicious dish is made in one pot and could not be any simpler. All the flavors of Taco Night rolled into an easy pasta meal that will leave everyone satisfied.

Taco Skillet: THM S-Helper

Taco Tuesday or Taco night is a very popular dinner plan for many families. It is easy and a great way to please most everyone. One day I decided that I wanted to make a one pot taco skillet meal using the taco flavors. I looked around and didn’t really find what I was looking for or one that really gave me what I wanted. So I decided to make my own.

I took our favorite parts of a taco and put them in this dish. Ground beef, without it there would be no taco. Black beans, because why ever have a Mexican-inspired meal without them. Corn kernels, I always loved getting corn added to my taco when in college, and they add a nice little pop when you are eating. Cumin, garlic powder, smoked paprika and chili powder added in make the perfect taco seasoning. Salsa, it never hurts to add a little extra flavor and moisture to the dish. Pasta, I would hate to think of a skillet meal with no pasta. Cheese, and lots of it added at the end it just makes everything come together nicely.

I have made this a couple times now and it is a huge hit. This batch makes a lot and can easily serve as a dinner for two, two nights with some leftovers for lunches. I serve with chips and a little salsa because we don’t like other traditional taco toppings. You can add more cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, chopped onions, avocado, anything really.

I was a little nervous to add in uncooked Dreamfields pasta into the mix and letting it cook with everything else. It worked out great, though, just be sure to keep it at a good simmer. Use a large skillet with tall sides to hold everything in or a sauce pot will work too.


This would be a THM S-helper meal, even though there is beans and corn there are not enough carbs per serving to send this into crossover territory. To avoid being in the helper range of numbers remove either the corn or beans to stay in a good S range.

Easy one pot Taco Skillet Meal

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