Get started on THM with this S food list guide. Complete with what to avoid!

My Favorite THM S Foods

If you are new to Trim Healthy Mama all the fuel types and ‘rules’ can seem overwhelming. I’m here to say that while it looks like a lot, once you start to work through it, you will realize it makes sense.

S Meals

S stands for Satisfying. These are often the most common meals people make when they start because they are closer to what they are used to eating.  This is because S meals focus on fats. Yup fats are something us THMs eat regularly. Fats are good for your body because they are a main fuel for your body. It is just better and easier for your body to burn excess fat if you don’t eat them with carbs.

Each meal is based on protein then you will add your source of fat with it. There is no limit to the amount of fat you can have at one setting in an S meal. Once you have your protein and fat feel free to add in non-starchy veggies or some berries.

Get started with this Trim Healthy Mama S foods list. A short guide on what to eat, what to avoid, and some great S friendly recipes. Enjoy your fats fully while on THM.


Approved S Foods

All meat. Whole Eggs  Coconut oil, palm oil Veggies that are non-starchy
especially greens.
All berries All nuts, nut butter
(without sugar added), and
nut flours.
85% or more Dark Chocolate
keep to about 2 squares
Almond, Cashew or
other unsweetened nut milk.

Heavy cream, butter, full

full fat and 0%Greek yogurt,

All cheese,

sour cream, half and half

Dream Fields Pasta

Low-carb bread
Joesph’s Lavish or Pita,
Ole tortillas

What to Avoid

When making an S meal there are things that you do need to avoid. There should be very little to no carbs with your fats.

  • Starchy Veggies- like sweet potatoes, corn, turnips.
  • Fruits- unless it is a berry avoid it,
  • Grains and Beans- if you want beans you can have up to a 1/4 cup in a meal but try not to do it often.
  • Sugar- Sugar is never on plan 🙂

Recipe Resources

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