Tips for how to make your favorite recipes on plan.

How to Make a Recipe THM Friendly

After starting my Trim Healthy Mama journey I wanted to figure out how to make a recipe I found fit on plan. I have seen that it is a question that many people have, in the Facebook groups there are always plenty of links and videos of off plan food that someone is asking how to THMify. It is not as difficult as it seems to make a recipe or favorite dish fit on plan. Here are some of my top tips and an example.

THMify That Recipe

  1. Identify off-plan ingredients
  2. Determine if those ingredients are necessary for texture or flavor
  3. Find suitable substitutes
  4. Make sure that all ingredients stay in the same fuel. Unless you are ok with a crossover.

Substitute Options

  • Sugar- on plan sweetener of choice. You will need much less than called for.
  • Potatoes- Radishes, cauliflower, sweet potato
  • Breadcrumbs- almond flour, lavash or pita crumbs, baking blend
  • Sour cream is on plan but can be swapped with greek yogurt
  • Cornstarch- glucci, xantham gum
  • Meats- dark meat can be used in S, breast or drained and rinsed ground meat can be used in E
  • Pasta- use Dreamfield’s instead, keep to portion sizes


Tips for how to make your favorite recipes on plan.