Cook Book Review: Infuse

I received a copy of Infuse for free to review and write this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.  Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water by Eric Prum & Josh Williams is a book all about infusions what they are and how to make them. I picked this book because I had been interested in […]


Food Finds on Vacation in Orlando

   We are total food nerds, so when we go on vacation we want to eat the foods of the town. Orlando has so many great places to check out, it was tough to decide where to go.    On our first afternoon we headed to Downtown Disney to find lunch and ended up at […]

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Inside Chuy’s North Little Rock

   Last week a new Chuy’s opened in North Little Rock, I was able to go in during their charity event and get a full tour of the restaurant and learn about them.  If you don’t already like Chuy’s I hope this post will change your mind, because it impressed the heck out of me. […]