Trim Healthy Mama E Food list. Learn about E meals, why you need them and how to make them work for you. Part of the THM Basics Series.

THM E Food Lists

A couple weeks ago I started the Basics of Trim Healthy Mama discussing what S foods were and some of my favorites. Today we are going to talk about my favorite E foods are and why we need them. E Meals E stands for Energizing. These can be more challenging for people then S meals […]

Thanksgiving Side Dish THM style. Find tasty healthy side dishes for your Thanksgiving meal. #Trimhealthymama #lowcarb

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas that are Trim Healthy Mama Approved

It is getting close to Thanksgiving and it feels like it kind of snuck up on me this year. As I was thinking of what I wanted to bring to our family gatherings this year I decided to collect my favorite side dishes from fellow Trim Healthy Mama bloggers. I may not have tried all […]

Trim Healthy Mama Soup Round Up S, E and FP

THM Soup Round Up

In honor of today being the first day of fall I have collected a list of  Trim Healthy Mama soup recipes. I am so excited for cooler weather, colorful leaves, and comfy scarfs. But I am even more ready for good ole comfort food that fall calls for. One of the most wonderful things about […]

strawberry banana oatmeal breakfast bar

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Bar

Eating a healthy breakfast is important, most of us know this, but it is hard to get a fresh breakfast every morning. When you have to get to work, get your spouse off to work with everything they need, plus if you have kids that’s a whole other ordeal to do in the morning and […]

THM Fuel Cycle Review

Last week I tried my second fuel cycle while being on the THM plan. I have talked a little about the plan before here. I want to start out by saying that Trim Healthy Mama doesn’t feel like a diet or very restrictive 90% of the time, but on the fuel cycle it feels like […]

Great weeknight meal for picky eaters. This healthy burrito bowl will please everyone. THM-E

Burrito Bowl

I have been in the mood for Mexican food lately and decided a nice burrito bowl would be a healthy way to enjoy my favorite flavors. The best part is its easy to put together. If you follow Trim Healthy Mama this would be an E meal. If you use 1/2 cup rice and 1/4 […]