Star Wars may the fourth be with you treat ideas

May the Fourth Be with You

Happy Star Wars day! To those of you who know us, it is no shocker that Hubby and I are big Star Wars fans. He can tell you all sorts of trivia related to the movies and universe.  I could not let this wonderful day pass by without sharing some fun treats, that fans have come up with for all sorts of themed parties.

Princess Leia CupcakesStar Wars cupcake Princess Leia

These from Just Jenn Recipes are adorable!

Pretzel Light Sabers

light sabar

Dipping pretzel rods into red, blue, or green chocolate lets everyone have their very own light saber. Source 

Fruit Light Sabers

star wars fruit light sabers

Put  fruit onto skewers a healthy version of light sabers. At the bottom of the skewer wrap a little duct tape and draw on some lines and boxes for the full efffect.

We can’t forget Wookie Cookies

There are a couple different versions. First, a Starcrunch with a piped on face.

Star Wars wookie cookies

Also, a cookie with a piped on face and ammo belt. Like these from A Few Short Cuts. 

star war wookie cookie

Tie Fighter Snacks

star wars tie fighter

There are many different versions of these. Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows; oreos, or oreo thins, marshmallows and icing are a couple ideas that seem to work best. And these with Triscuits and cheese from See Mom Click. 

Now go out, have a wonderful Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with you!

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