if spoons could talk will be back soon

Taking A Break

Hey, my favorite readers and friends, I have decided to take a little break.

Lately,I haven’t had time to focus on developing the best recipes and tips to share with you. I think a couple weeks off will give me some time to get back to what I love most and bring back the creativity that I need to make my best work.

I plan to be back after our cruise. So be on the lookout around June 1st for a great recap of the trip and my best work for my loyal readers.

In the meantime feel free to look at all the great recipes that are on the site.

My Trim Healthy Mama recipe page is here. 

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Readers favorite recipe. Skinnified Chocolate Mouse

My favorite recipes. Baked Mac and Cheese , Italian Pasta Salad

My favorite tip. Grilling Tips

See you soon,