Back from Vacation

I’m back! After this much-needed vacation I am back and ready to get going again. I appreciate all of you who have been with me since the beginning of Married and Hungry and followed me here and are back reading today, it means a lot to me.

Last week Hubby and I went on our second cruise and had a blast! It was a week full of relaxing, going on adventures, and eating delicious food. Here is a look at what all we did. I didn’t get any pictures of food because the big camera was not sneaky enough when we were dining with a large group of people each night so you can just use your imagination.

We left late Saturday night to drive to New Orleans where the Carnival Dream ports. We got there early of course so we got to watch the sunrise over the Mississippi River and see all the trucks drive in to deliver supplies to the ship. I have briefly worked as a delivery agent at Uber, and at the time I’ve spent there, I had to renew my insurance from regularly. I wondered if these trucks were insured, too.

sunrise at Port of New Orleans

Once we got on board we went to the Lido deck where the buffet is. Since we had already been on the ship we knew our way around. I had the Mongolian Wok where I got to pick all my raw ingredients and they cook it right in front of you. They normally have a long line every day so when I saw it was short I wanted to take advantage. It was good that I did because I only got to eat there one other time all week.

Oce we finally were about to set sail we got one of the drink specials for the day. I don’t remember what was in it but it tasted good. We reserved a table at the Steakhouse on board and were able to receive a complimentary bottle of wine. For a small price extra, the steakhouse has some of the best meat onboard and serves a 4-course meal. For our appetizers I had a French onion soup and he had beef carpaccio that tasted great but I could not get past the texture, he loved it. We skipped the salad course because we wouldn’t have eaten all of it. They served us a choice of bread and we tried the focaccia and it was to die for. Our entrees were perfect as well, I got split lamb chops with broccoli, hubby got a ribeye that was cooked perfectly. For desserts I got a cheesecake, that was soft and silky, Hubby went for the baked apple like he had last time. Then we had a private magic show by a man walking around and it was truly amazing. He used us to do the tricks and we still have no idea how he pulled it off.


Monday and Tuesday were days at sea. We spent most of our time up on the Serenity deck relaxing and reading our books. We saw a couple of shows and talks and even did a Harry Potter trivia game and did alright. Monday was our first formal night in the dining room. We decided this trip we would eat with others whenever they asked and were so glad we did. We had a good time meeting new people and chatting with them. The food, of course, was tasty we each got the prime rib, assorted appetizers, and sides and for dessert, I had the famous Carnival melting cake. Tuesday’s dinner was more relaxed and we met a wonderful couple from Louisiana and talked with them for quite a while. I also tried Rabbit that night for the first time and enjoyed it.

ship collage

Wednesday was our first day at port and we were in Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan Honduras. I spent the day relaxing on the beach with a great view and a good book. It was the first time that I had ever really gotten to just relax on a beach and it was the best day. Hubby, however, spent the day diving. He got to do a two tank dive. He saw barracudas, eels, and many many different fish. He had a great day too. Then we caught back up in the afternoon and relaxed on the ship. I got to try ox tongue that night at dinner too. The braising sauce was delicious and it really just tasted like beef.

isla roatan collage

Thursday we had planned to spend a few hours walking around Belize City and be back at the ship. Instead, a lady came and asked us if we wanted her and her husband’s excursion to snorkel since he was sick in bed and couldn’t go. We gladly accepted and got to go snorkel on a private island. It was beautiful and the water felt so nice. We saw tangs, parrot fish, coral and all sorts of others that I can’t remember. When we got back they were selling fresh coconuts with rum in them that hubby tried, it would have been pretty good if it wasn’t warm, though. We did end up getting sunburned, I forgot to protect the lower back area that was exposed the whole time we were in the water.

belieze collage

Friday we went to Cozumel and did the excursion that we had waited for all week. We got to drive a 4×4 Polaris Razer and a speed boat. We met up with another couple while we were walking over to the 1st stop, who were on their honeymoon, and they were our car partners for the day. The new husband drove first through the city to the beach and jungle area where the rest of the day would take place. Then we got to drive the speed boats, which were like big jet skies but in the ocean, and they went slower. We didn’t get to go as long as we liked but when we did it was pretty fun. Once we got back to the beach area there was lunch served that had nachos, fajitas, and a small quesadilla that all tasted pretty good. Then we got to drive the razers through a patch of off-road jungle that was pretty awesome, even though we got covered in dirt. It was one of our favorite days.

cozumel collage

Saturday was another day at sea where we just stayed inside and played trivia. We were both treating sun burns and I had some kind of heat rash to take care of so we wanted to stay cool. We did get to go to tea time on the ship which was fun. Try different restaurants that we hadn’t got to yet like the deli, pasta place and there was a chocolate feast that had some very appetizing dishes.

Sadly it all had to come to an end on Sunday morning as we disembarked and headed back to Arkansas. We were ready to get home, though. This was a trip to remember and we are so glad we went and did all the things the ship had to offer.