Snickerdoodle Cookies

There is no question that we love cookies in this house and these snickerdoodles are one of our staples. We both love most things cinnamon and sugar add that to a cookie and it is no surprise we enjoy them.  I mean just look at them!

snickerdoodle cookies

Snickerdoodle Tips:

Cookies can be tricky to bake sometimes and snickerdoodles seem to cause me more trouble than others. These ideas and troubleshoots have helped me.

  • Rotate- rotate the cookies halfway for more even cooking.
  • Undercook- If you overcook snickerdoodles they will be hard. It is better to take them out a minute or two before they would be ready and are still a little underdone in the middle. They will finish up on the pan.
  • Shortening and sugar-  make sure they are creamed together very well and not gritty. You want to get the most air in them you can before adding the other ingredients.
  • Room temp- all ingredients should be at room temperature.
  • Fresh ingredients- if your cream of tartar or baking soda is really old it may not work as well, causing flat cookies.
  • Cake flour- if you want them to be very fluffy you can use cake flour. I haven’t tried this but it would make them lighter.


Tender cinnamony goodness is all there is to say about these snickerdoodles. With tips to get the best snickerdoodle you can

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