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Fakeroni and Cheese THM S

I was craving a good macaroni and cheese but had already had Dream Fields pasta that week and wanted to stay on track so I thought I would try something new. Cauliflower + wonderful cheese sauce = fakeroni and cheese. I made a small batch of sauce similar to this one   I made a small […]

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Thanksgiving Side Dishes: Vegetables

   Last week we talked about turkey, aka the main character on the Thanksgiving table. This week and next week I want to talk about the other dishes on the table, that are just as important, sides. Side dishes are what I typically remember most about holiday meals and are what bring happy thoughts to […]

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Sweet Potato 3 Ways

   If you follow me on Instagram it is no secret that I am in love with sweet potatoes. I cannot get enough of them; I could eat them with lunch and dinner every day. They are known as a superfood, so I can eat them every day. Their health benefits include; they contain good […]

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Fresh Green Beans

   A couple weeks ago I went to the Conway Farmers Market, and came out with some great looking green beans! I wasn’t completely sure wit what they would go in but for $3 I could not pass them up. Here is what I did with them. First I cleaned them up. I washed them […]

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Chinese Ribs and Lo Mein

   The other night I was on the hunt for something fun to cook, I went through my recipes from past classes and spotted these Chinese ribs that were so so delicious. Looking for a side I decided to try out Lo Mein. For the Ribs you need Country style ribs ½ oz Ketchup ½ […]

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Quinoa Bites

    The other night I was looking for a healthy snack to take to a pot luck and came across quinoa bites. I have cooked with quinoa only once before and it was for a supper healthy project so the end product really did not taste incredible, so  I was ready to try it […]

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Roasted Vegetables

  My latest love in the kitchen has been roasting, especially vegetables. Roasting brings out a whole new flavor to the vegetables, many that I would not eat any other way.   I have been roasting vegetables on Sundays to use for my lunches throughout the week.  It is an easy tasty way to eat […]

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Creamy Fettuccine One Pot Dish

   One of Hubby’s favorite Italian dishes is fettuccine and while it is not my favorite I try to find recipes that I enjoy so we can have it for dinner. Well this one is amazing, I would eat it every night and it is sooo easy!  Plus since it is in one pot then […]