Trim Healthy Mama E Food list. Learn about E meals, why you need them and how to make them work for you. Part of the THM Basics Series.
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My Favorite THM E Food

A couple weeks ago I started the Basics of Trim Healthy Mama discussing what S foods were and some of my favorites. Today we are going to talk about my favorite E foods are and why we need them.  E Meals E stands for Energizing. These can be more challenging for people then S meals […]

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Rich Beef Stew

This THM Beef Stew recipe is perfect for those cold winter days. Put everything¬†in a dutch oven and let it simmer for a few hours, the house will smell great and you will be full and warm after dinner.¬† With the new year, I have decided to work harder on sharing more technique posts and […]

Get started on THM with this S food list guide. Complete with what to avoid!
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My Favorite THM S Foods

If you are new to Trim Healthy Mama all the fuel types and ‘rules’ can seem overwhelming. I’m here to say that while it looks like a lot, once you start to work through it, you will realize it makes sense. S Meals S stands for Satisfying. These are often the most common meals people […]

Are you wanting to start Trim Healthy Mama or do you need to get back on plan after the holidays? Here are tips that will help you reset your body and get on the right track.
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Starting Trim Healthy Mama

It’s that time of year when everyone decides this will be the year that they get healthier. Well for me I was already healthy and did great last year but the holidays happened and unhealthy choices were made. I know that many Trim Healthy Mamas are in the same boat as well and are trying to […]

Finger foods that are great to have as New Years Eve Snacks. Low -Carb Trim Healthy Mama friendly appetizers to enjoy while you ring in the New Year.
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THM New Years Eve Snacks

New Years Eve when I was growing up was about eating pigs in a blanket, Rice Krispie treats, fudge, and other snacks as we stayed up watching tv and waiting for the ball to drop. Since the whole point is to stay up late it doesn’t make sense to have a full meal, its better […]


Wonderful Wednesdays Link Party #7

Welcome back to Wonderful Wednesdays Link Party! We are on week seven and excited to see what all you have whipped up in your kitchen. From the Hosts This week I am looking ahead for some great New Years Eve snacks and appetizers. So I looked through the archives of Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved […]


Wonderful Wednesdays Link Party #6

Its time for another Wonderful Wednesday Link Party! It has been quiet around here since last week, I have been experiencing the cold day lazies! Haha I have been writing but it has been coming along slowly and this cold weather has not been helping, I plan to get back on track this week and […]


Wonderful Wednesdays Link Party #5

Welcome to week 5 of Wonderful Wednesdays Link Party! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving week and can’t wait to see the new recipes you came up with while we took a break. This week I will be featuring a couple of my favorites from week 4 and some old dessert post of mine. […]