A round up of easy Halloween Treats that you can take to any party or enjoy at home.
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Halloween Treats

There are so many great Halloween treats that you can make and buy it is sometimes hard to decide which to choose. So today I collected 20 of my favorites to share with you. These are great for parties, sending snacks to school, or just to have around the house.  Easy Savory Halloween Treats Scary […]

The smell of a homemade apple pie can take you to your happy place. This traditional apple pie is easy to make perfect for the holidays and weeknights alike.
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Traditional Homemade Apple Pie

Imagine coming home to the smell of cinnamon, flaky pastry, and baked apples, the wonderful smell of a fresh homemade apple pie. That smell can make almost anyone feel comforted and at home. Making a pretty apple pie takes practice but it never has to lack in flavor. This is the recipe that I have […]

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Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

I first made these when I was dating my husband. Each Christmas we would get together with his parents and make candies and cookies. It is one of our traditions and one of my favorite things during the Christmas season. I think it was our second Christmas that we made these. I loved them and […]

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Snickerdoodle Cookies

There is no question that we love cookies in this house and these snickerdoodles are one of our staples. We both love most things cinnamon and sugar add that to a cookie and it is no surprise we enjoy them.  I mean just look at them! Snickerdoodle Tips: Cookies can be tricky to bake sometimes […]

Mini Easter Cupcake
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Mini Easter Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love mini cupcakes? I know they have always been a favorite of mine, and these mini Easter cupcakes don’t disappoint. There are so many adorable designs for Spring and Easter cupcakes and I decided to go with a simple grass technique and some Easter candies for my contribution to Easter lunch. I made […]

These resurrection rolls are a great way to start your Easter day.
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Resurrection Rolls for Easter

These resurrection rolls are a tasty way to remember the Easter story. I made these a few years ago for Easter lunch and everyone loved them, then I told them what they meant and they loved them even more. It is a very simple recipe all you need is marshmallows, crescent rolls, cinnamon sugar and […]