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Baked Macaroni and Cheese

The inspiration of this recipe was found by my dear Hubby and I am so glad he did. I have only made a couple of homemade baked macaroni and cheeses so I was a bit nervous about getting it just right. This turned out amazing, this sauce before adding the cheese will be my base […]

basic spices for your kitchen

10 Basic Spices Every Kitchen Needs

If you are just starting to really get your kitchen together then you may be wondering what spices you really need to buy. There are so many different kinds that range from .98 cents to close to five dollars, if you are just looking for the basic spices then it can be a bit overwhelming. As […]

Star Wars may the fourth be with you treat ideas
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May the Fourth Be with You

Happy Star Wars day! To those of you who know us, it is no shocker that Hubby and I are big Star Wars fans. He can tell you all sorts of trivia related to the movies and universe.  I could not let this wonderful day pass by without sharing some fun treats, that fans have […]

deep clean kitchen

Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

It has been Spring for a few weeks now and if you are like me you have put off parts your Spring Cleaning list. It is important though that your kitchen gets a good cleaning at least once a year, it probably could use it twice a year. You can click here and get all […]


April Fools Day Food

Happy April Fools Day! It is a lot of fun to trick those people around you what better way to do it than with food. Here are some of my favorite food pranks out there. These caramel apples would be a bad surprise. Follow the same steps to make caramel apples but instead use small […]

Mini Easter Cupcake
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Mini Easter Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love mini cupcakes? I know they have always been a favorite of mine, and these mini Easter cupcakes don’t disappoint. There are so many adorable designs for Spring and Easter cupcakes and I decided to go with a simple grass technique and some Easter candies for my contribution to Easter lunch. I made […]

Sliced perfect ham

Tips for the Perfect Ham

It is almost Easter and I can’t help but think of ham when it comes to Easter lunch. I have my fair share of hams and watched my mother, grandmother, and in-laws make perfect hams all my life. I asked for their tips and looked online at my go-to sources, now I have put together some […]

Basic tools in your kitchen

Basic Tools That Every Kitchen Needs

There are many kinds of kitchen tools and gadgets out there but KitchenKnowHow claims that you can live without most, there are some basic tools that you should have though. If you were to learn about European contemporary kitchen designs, you’d know that most appliances that you get today go really well with those designs. […]

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Turkey Talk

   It is November and I can officially start thinking about the holidays. Thanksgiving will be here soon and with that some wonderful foods. This month I will be sharing recipes for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. Today I want to talk turkey. There are many ways to cook your turkey and all can turn out […]